A Few Things I've Leant at 72


It’s ok to wear odd socks.


You CAN go to see a film on your own.


If you’re going to an exercise class, don’t forget the Tena pad.


Living alone with cats is easier than living with a sociopath.


All jeans should have elasticated waists.  Ditto skirts.


One-size clothing is to be welcomed.


Having a shed is a revelation.


Growing things is cool.


The battle against cabbage whites is unwinnable.


Wine tastes less good, unless it’s expensive.


Men your age prefer to date women 20 years their junior.


Men your age looked better 20 years ago.


Many things are far more enjoyable than driving a car


Your age prevents you from hiring a car.  Other over-70 exclusions will be equally resented.


You can get as far as page 50 before you realise you’ve read the book before.


You permit yourself to give up on a dull book by page 20.


A walking stick is a thing of beauty.


The older you  get, the more you hate the Tories.


Passions deepen on animal welfare.


Violations of human rights hurt more.


Your heart weeps for the environment.


You love Cymru.


Being an Auntie is a joy unbounded.


Families are both a  blessing and a sodding challenge.


Like it says on the fridge magnet, friends are the family you choose for yourself.


Real friends aleays stand by you, without judgement, when you need to throw-up, sleep, weep or have a good rant.


All friendships need nurturing.


All friends need space.


Some people respond poorly to sadness, so keep it under wraps.  


Be jolly, for Christ’s sake


Accept that regrets linger, because that’s what the bastards  do


Life moves on


So wear odd socks, preferably one  purple and  one green.

© Gaynor Kavanagh